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United States
I'm just a person who just sketches, just because I can.
I also write stories of my own. And Planning to draw a comic, but that ain't happenin' any time soon


Is that insubordination I hear?
Here is Rayze doing a Sarge Line from RvB in his uniform.
Carrying his Modified AUG that is more solid and bulky... But is also just bad compared to the original AUG, turning the rifle into an smg.

Much like Sasha, he's in the AUPF (Ariann United Police Force) just in a different division after Sasha's promotion.

I tried to do something different with my drawings by adding color. And since I found a bag of coloring pencils in my basement, I decided to use 'em.

And yes, This is inspired by many other characters/artists.
People should Get Ready. I'm currently dewing a comic.
Only thing I can say about it, is that it's terrible, but delicious.
Those who are actually reading this. Watchers who checked this message,
Why did you watch me in the first place?
What am I?
Should I continue?
"No one notices, no one helps, no one cares, but everyone hates."
WIP Character
Talen Furok.
This character I've had in my head for the longest... As he is one of the first characters I've made, but can never draw. And I still can't draw 'em right which is why he's still WIP.

The new "style" I'm currency trying is partially inspired by
W0lfmare and infinitedge2u
Tagged by UberDust ... Here we go...


1) Post the rules (aka, Copy/Paste)
2)Write 8 tips about the character tagged
3)Tag 8 other OC's. Or not! 

Admerlin PuLsE Solkadin by RandomRyven  PuLsE References by RandomRyven

Fact 1:
She is a Domestic Raconen and a Kovekian Foxten mixed breed, Reason as to why she is more humanoid, and the reason she has her stripes.

Fact 2:
Due to being a Kovekian, and being born on Kovek soil, she able to harness the power of magic arts, and SoulArts. her main specialty is wind, as
she favors to use sound based casts and spells. hence her nickname, "Pulse"

Fact 3: 
She has a step sister who looks almost nothing like her... but they both love each other anyways. (Still figuring out how to draw her...)

Fact 4:
Although being very skilled in spell casting and fist-to-fist combat, she lacks academic skills. Most particularly learning other languages and 

Fact 5:
Loves music... almost obsessively, In fact, the dress that she wears resembles the clothes Veron Sylphie, one of her favorite music artists, wore during her most favorite musical performances.

Fact 6:
The bands on her shoulders, wrists, and ankles are actually magic amplifiers/conductors. They strengthen a person's magic cast while being able to absorb mana for the caster to use. They are permanently welded on so she has no way of removing them unless they are broken off.

Fact 7:
Can't master any brass instruments (Trumpets, Tubas, flugelhorn, tenor horn (alto horn), baritone horn, sousaphone. ect)

Fact 8:
Hates using weapons of any kind besides her fists and legs.

Couple of Bonuses
-Her character model is indeed based off of Selene.
-The concept with Kovekians and Domestics are based off of kurapika  RavenWolf's Wilds and Domestics.
-Special Thanks to ShanaWGoddess UberDust and KellySquee for teachin' meh how2draw. as well as Havocarius and GhostHuntrr for inspiration. 

People Being Tagged
1: ShanaWGoddess 
2: KellySquee 
3: RottenWendigo 
4: Flak97 
5: GhostHuntrr 
6: Havocarius 
7: Innocent-Darkside 
8: W0lfmare 
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